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Infinite Technologies LLC is a business enterprise based in Detroit, MI. The company was established in 2002. The Michigan Minority Business Development Council certified the organization in December of 2003.  The City of Detroit certified the organization as a Detroit Based Business in 2005, Wayne County Enterprise in 2009, and federally certified by US Department of Transportation as a DBE in 2009.  The company has effectively managed a diverse number of projects for their clients in a variety of markets including educational, automotive, social services, and faith based, throughout Michigan.  As a Telecommunication Service & Support organization,
Infinite Technologies LLC is committed to completing every project on time, within budget, and with quality workmanship, while sustaining superior client relationships throughout the project duration.
Infinite Technologies LLC has worked on many projects where time, quality and costs were critical.  We have met the challenges on these projects.  Given our prior experience, dedicated preparation and planning, Infinite Technologies LLC can assist in cost effective decision making to complete  projects in a timely manner.
Our Vision
The company was founded with the belief that a highly skilled staff and strong leadership is the cornerstone of a successful company. Infinite Technologies believes technology applied effectively and with the customer’s business in mind helps them to worry less about the solutions and more about their core business.
Our philosophy
The idea that the use of technology encourages problem solving and learning by freeing the user from tasks that requires attention. We build solutions that meet the business opportunities at hand.  It allows the customer to focus their attention on running their business.
Our Team
Infinite Technologies has more than 20 years of experience in a variety of competencies within the technology arena.  Our experience spans telecommunication consulting, phone system service and support, computer network support, security surveillance camera systems, and access control systems.  We have certified technicians certified in Avaya Products as well as certified BISCI Cablers. Our management has a diverse collection of educational backgrounds.  It includes Engineering, Telecommunications, Communication, and Finance.