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The cost effective, easily installed Axis P3707 camera is equipped with Axis’ Zipstream Technology, is indoor and outdoor ready, and vandal resistant so it is ready for all of your projects.

The 4-in-1, 8 megapixel, multisensory camera offers a 360 overview and close ups in various directions with wide or zoomed in views.

Equipped with Zipstream, the P3707 can lower bandwidth and storage use by 50% or more and encoding technology ensures that important details will be maintained while unnecessary data is compressed.

In addition to the 360 view, each of the four camera heads is able to move 90 degrees along the circular rack, has a tilt from 28 degrees to 90 degrees , and can rotate 90 degrees.

Each of the four camera heads are equipped with capture mode that allows for prioritization of resolution and frame rate for each of the four scenes. The P3707 also allows for quad view , which captures and displays all four views.

The high video quality is ensured by the specially designed clear cover that has no sharp edges, ensuring and non-distorted views in all directions.

The P3707 is indoor and outdoor ready, protected from dust, rain, snow, ice, and corrosion and is equipped with IK09 impact resistance to work against vandalism.

The P3707 is designed for ceiling installation and comes with a ceiling bracket but it can also be mounted on corner of buildings, on poles, or on parapets using mounting accessories.

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